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SR20DET Powered RWD Honda CRX from Greece

Discussion in 'Builds' started by Panos Katsoulis, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Panos Katsoulis

    Panos Katsoulis New Member

    [​IMG]Greetings everybody, Recently i found this awesome CRX and i've decide to share it with you.

    Second generation Honda Crx was one of the most popular cars in the underground car scene in the 90's and still is one of the most respectable out there. It is a car mostly loved by drag racers because of it low weight which is less than a ton combined with a relatively strong engine for its era 1,6 liter b16a with 150bhp in its fast version made it to write very good times on the strip! For lots of people of course the power of the engine was not enough so they turbocharged the engine! And that's where the problems began because big power on a light fwd chassis means traction lose so there is going to be lot of wheel spin evolved.
    That's what the owner of this Crx thought so he decided instead of getting a 4wd or rwd car to transform this one into a rwd drag car. The engine and the transmission after all was available from his previous car a 600+hp Corolla te71!Only that the engine isn't a Toyota one as someone would guess but an blacktop SR20det which once upon a time was under the bonnet of a Nissan Silvia S13
    Of course to do something like that was not easy even with the existence of the mechanical parts because they would have to be made extended modifications to the chassis of the car. First of all they had to make new motor mountings because the original motor was placed in a transverse configuration and the new one had to be placed in a longitudinal one. Also they had to cut the floor so to create a tunnel for the long axis of the car the new differential from an L200 pickup and the reinforced gearbox. Many changes were made to the rear suspension configuration. Roll cage is made by Pantelis Exhaust and the whole interior is in a warehouse because the only thing left in the interior now is a bucket seat by sparco. Also all the windows have been replaced by others made from Lexan and the interior of the doors is chopped for further weight reduction.
    The engine also took many modifications for further increase in power before been placed in the CRX. Starting with the intake we find an 80mm throttle body sitting on a greddy intake manifold. Also we can find a handmade fuel rail and 4 1000cc injectors by delfi. Going further more into the engine we can find a ported cylinder head and a pair of hks camshafts with a 278 intake and 264 exhaust, which are responsible for the valves opening.

    [​IMG]Responsible for valves closing are valve springs and retainers by JUN. The adjustable camshaft gears are by hks and they are moved by the stock counterweighted and polished crankshaft that is also connected with the engines JE pistons and H beam rods by Arrow. Pistons along with the lowered cylinder head provide a 9,5:1 compression to the engine. Turbocharger is a GT3082 provided by Garret and is mounted on an exhaust header by Papadopoulos exhaust. The rest of the exhaust got a 78mm diameter and is contained from a pipe getting in the front of the frond wheel. Next to the turbo we can find an external wastegate by Tial with a 44mm diameter. At the end of all the above we find a chargecooler by Papalexopoulos power cool which is there to cool down the compressed air before he heads to the intake!
    The fuel and engine management is runed by a haltec ecu Fine tuned by Chrisanthakopoulos and its set so the car will run on VP Q16 fuel. Everything is ok with the power of the car but the most curtail thing in a drag car is to set it up in a way that it will transfer all its power on the road!
    This transfer of the power to the road is handled by a reinforced Nissan Silvia transmission equipped with a triple clutch by Quickmaster and then from the clutch to a differential by an L200 to the Hoosier 28x10'' rear tires. Suspension arms are handmade and suspension is from HKS!
    The owner deserves many congratulations for this unique project. In his turn he would like to thank the following people: Papalexopoulos powercool ,Advanced Electronics, Max Ap.Xrysanthakopoulos ,Pantelis Exhaust ,Stauropoulos exterior design,Moutzi service. We in our turn wish hi good results in the races and very low times![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Antonio Alvendia

    Antonio Alvendia Editor in Chief, MotorMavens Staff Member

    WOWWWWWWWWW.... Amazing! I wonder what it would be like for drifting of gymkhana if you change the wheel/tire setup. And maybe the suspension/damping setup. Hmmmm!!!!
  3. ArchMaven

    ArchMaven Mavistrator Staff Member

  4. Steven Do

    Steven Do New Member

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