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Travel Reasons to Attend the MFest Afterparty in Vegas...

Discussion in 'Car Culture & Lifestyle' started by Antonio Alvendia, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Antonio Alvendia

    Antonio Alvendia Editor in Chief, MotorMavens Staff Member

    Just in case you guys weren't sure if you should attend the numerous afterparties for the MFest event in Las Vegas, this is what the pool party at Tao Beach is like. If you were staying at the Venetian like we were, there's a chance you had a view of the drunken fun from your room!

    Do yourself a favor. Don't miss the next MFest. If you don't own a BMW, don't worry. A year is plenty of time to buy one! This event is FUN!

    For more photos of the CARS at MFest, click here:

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