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Koyorad Racing Radiator Build Thread CONTEST

Discussion in 'Builds' started by Antonio Alvendia, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Antonio Alvendia

    Antonio Alvendia Editor in Chief, MotorMavens Staff Member

    Introducing our #MOTORMAVENSBUILD January Build Thread Contest, presented by Koyorad Racing Radiator. Create a build thread to win a Koyorad Racing Radiator!​


    1) Upload photos of YOUR project car and create a build thread about your project car in our build threads forum!
    2) Tell all your friends about it! Feel free to use your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Motrist, Pinterest, Google +, Myspace or whatever to share your build thread with your friends!

    1) Quality Of Build Thread (60%)
    We're talking about the quality of photos, amount of photos, quality of written build documentation. Professional photography is preferred but not required to enter. You can use a point and shoot or your mobile phone, if you do it right! Good grammar/spelling is preferred but not required to enter. You will be judged on how well you document your car's build through your words and photos! Your build does not have to be complete either!

    Oh, and please check out this link. This link shows you how to format your photos so that all the photo previews appear on the main Reader's Blog homepage:

    2) Explain WHY and SHOW US
    This is where your writing skills come into play. Make sure to tell us about yourself, and WHY you're building the car, and what INSPIRED you to start on the project! USE GOOD PHOTOS TO SHOW US what you've done with it so far, and TELL US what you want to do with it in the future. Check out other build threads here: http://motormavens.net/forums/builds.7/

    3) Popularity of Build Thread (40%)
    You will be judged on how much engagement people have with your build thread! This means how many comments FROM OTHER PEOPLE*, how many likes, how many shares, etc.

    We encourage you to promote your build thread on Facebook and other social networking sites to get your friends to comment on your thread!

    *While members of the MotorMavens Crew might comment and engage in banter on the build that you post, comments by MotorMavens staff DO NOT COUNT towards your build thread engagement for the contest. Only comments by other community members count. (This is because we may need to comment to show people how to upload photos correctly, get thumbnails to appear, etc.) This being said, GET ACTIVE and PROMOTE YOUR BUILD THREAD on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever! Tell your friends to drop you comments and start discussions! This is part of the contest!

    At the end of the contest term (Contest ends January 31), we will work with Koyo Radiator to find the contest winner! The Koyorad Racing Radiator will be shipped out within 15 business days of the contest ending!

    Contestants valid within contiguous 48 USA states only, sorry no AK, HI or Canada. Nissan GT-R or Titan radiator will not be included in contest. Prize is limited to stock on hand. No backorders or rain checks.


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  2. kyushakai

    kyushakai New Member

    Contiguous 48! Hawaii get's screwed again! Hahahaha!
  3. Antonio Alvendia

    Antonio Alvendia Editor in Chief, MotorMavens Staff Member

    Aw man. so sorry about that Lance. Not my rule. Don't worry. We'll have another really dope contest next month, and I think my 808 bruddahs will qualify for that one. =)

  4. Cesar

    Cesar New Member

    *crossing fingers* looking forward to congratulate the winner, especially if it's me :p
  5. Antonio Alvendia

    Antonio Alvendia Editor in Chief, MotorMavens Staff Member

    it's being calculated right now! :)

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