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Ian King from Manila: Drifting a Jaguar XKR in the Rain!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by Ian King, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Ian King

    Ian King New Member

    Hi Guys, Ian King from the Philippines, Big car nut here specialising in air suspension, v8 installations, wide body kits and drifting!

    Here is my latest video drifting an XK-R at one of my events.

  2. Nice! I've never drifted in a downpour.
  3. Ian King

    Ian King New Member

    its quite a challenge!
  4. Antonio Alvendia

    Antonio Alvendia Editor in Chief, MotorMavens Staff Member

    Welcome, Ian!!!! Damn, you make it looks so easy!!! Especially in the section where you're approaching that big barrier, and I was like oh shit! Is he gonna hit it? It's coming closer... closer.... hahah

    Admittedly, I'm not very good at drifting. But I was given the opportunity to drive a Jaguar XKR earlier this year, and man - that car made even ME look good! Since the car is nice and long, it was pretty smooth and controllable for me everytime I tried stepping the tail out on the turns I'm comfortable with at Auto Club Speedway. It was super predictable, and since it had lots of torque, it was easy for me to plant it and get some decent angle!

    Haha I was practicing all day in other cars though... like Nismo 370Z and BMW 335i before I even tried it with the XKR. Such a fun car! Is it yours?

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