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Botoneta Japanese Classic Car Collection in Guatemala

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by Jaime kirste, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Jaime kirste

    Jaime kirste New Member


    My name is Jaime Kirste aka Botoneta,here in Guatemala culture old schools cars,i got a large old schools cars collection rounded the 15,s or more models, in hope to share one by one with this nice community.

    IMG_3770-1 (1).jpg IMG_3820-1.jpg IMG_3783-1.jpg IMG_3758-1.jpg IMG_3743-1.jpg

    Here are a few more galleries of photos, which were posted months ago by another MotorMavens Reader's Blog member:






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  2. Antonio Alvendia

    Antonio Alvendia Editor in Chief, MotorMavens Staff Member

    Hi Botoneta!!!

    Your collection is awesome!! How did you collect all those cars in Guatemala? And the parts? And wheels? Impressive!
  3. Chepio

    Chepio New Member

    Esta colección es la admiración de muchos entusiastas guatemaltecos, muy buena colección

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